On SATURDAY 24TH NOVEMBER 2018 a special first-of-a-kind event took place at the heart of what is known to be the Windrush generation's most established institution - the black churches.


SINGING OUR STORY: WINDRUSH GENERATIONS FROM THE FRONT ROOM TO THE PALACE featured the leading luminaries singers, musicians and other creative artisans telling the story of the groundswell of music, faith and power which burst through the barriers of ignorance and prejudice impacting the very heart of British society.

The public was invited to participate and experience 'the birthplace of the sound of British Gospel' inside three of Britain's legacy black churches and it was an exciting evening of celebration gathering people across three cities to sharing their journey; the people, the music, the songs!


MCE Livestream got together with others and using today’s technology allowed you all to view this unprecedented gathering!


They took to the stage  and sang our story: the untold story but was finally heard for all the generations and the public to experience, learn and understand. It really was an amazing night!


This initiative has the support of The Windrush Foundation the organisation which was set up to commemorate, recognise and celebrate the contribution of the original Windrush generation and their descendants.

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